Menus and Food Guidelines

The breakfast and lunch menus can be found clicking on the menu below:

Goethe provides free breakfast for all students. Though students may opt out of eating breakfast, they are expected to be on time to school. Teachers have developed morning routines that minimize the impact on instructional time.

For lunch, students may bring their own, or choose a school lunch. The full price is $2.35. The reduced price is $.40.

For snacks and special celebrations, including birthdays, teachers may invite parents to bring food into the classroom. Due to safety and allergy concerns, any food must be store-bought and free of nuts. There are some children who cannot have contact with nuts due to the possibility of allergic, sometimes life-threatening, reactions.

Please read all labels before purchasing treats and snacks for the classroom, and consult your teacher if you are not sure something is safe. It is everyone's responsibility to keep our children safe. You can also learn more and find nut-free snack ideas.